New Year, new favorites! 

Plenty of enthusiasm and full of anticipation for the coming season, we can finally introduce you to the new products for 2022. We hope you are just as excited as we are and wish you a Happy New Year!

Paola Lenti Novelties

For the 2020 outdoor collection, PAOLA LENTI has focused on the potential of Twiggy and Diade, exclusive and highly performing technical products, the result of years of experimentation and research, which do not require further potentially dangerous treatments. 

Entirely recyclable, waterproof, easily washable, durable even in challenging environmental conditions, Twiggy and Diade translate into elegant and comfortable modular sofas such as the CANVAS or HARBOUR and a series of practical and resistant individual seats as OTTO, pleasant to the eye and to the touch, selected to be a real expression of a modern and conscious design idea.

  • paola-lenti-de-mota-ibiza-Tune_slide1
  • paola-lenti-de-mota-ibiza-Tune_slide2

TUNE carpet by Paola Lenti

  • paola-lenti-harbour-de-mota-ibiza-1
  • paola-lenti-harbour-de-mota-ibiza-6
  • paola-lenti-harbour-de-mota-ibiza-3
  • paola-lenti-harbour-de-mota-ibiza-4

HARBOUR sofa by Paola Lenti

  • paola-lenti-miramar-de-mota-ibiza-1
  • paola-lenti-miramar-de-mota-ibiza-2

MIRAMAR sunbed by Paola Lenti


Gloster Novelties

New Season, new colours, new fabrics, new designs and new materials. Essential elements that combine to define changes, novelties and innovations. Cutting edge design, innovative materials and the application of new techniques combine to create pioneering future collections for the modern era.


FERN collection by Gloster


LODGE daybed by Gloster

Tribù Novelties 

The 2021 collection enhances the interplay between all TRIBÙ collections. It reveals a quality of natural simplicity and refined elegance with a strong connection to nature. 

Yabu Pushelberg has created the NODI sofa with a strong personality, where the architectural appeal of the lines and volumes is tempered by the soft and airy cushion, strongly modular with a sculptural trait. We believe it is one of the most comfortable sofas ever created for the outdoor space. 

With the DUNES table is shown TRIBU's mastery in teak wood, where solid teak is skillfully sculpted to draw a perfect play of lines. A luxurious piece produced to enrich any setting. TRIBU also added two new textile lines to their extensive fabric collection: one more feminine, one more masculine, complementing each other like a strong couple.

  • tribu-dunes-de-mota-ibiza
  • tribu-dunes-de-mota-ibiza-3
  • tribu-dunes-de-mota-ibiza-1
  • tribu-dunes-de-mota-ibiza-2
  • tribu-dunes-de-mota-ibiza-5
  • tribu-dunes-de-mota-ibiza-6

DUNES sidetable by Tribù

  • tribu-senja-chair-de-mota-ibiza
  • tribu-senja-de-mota-ibiza-1
  • tribu-senja-chair-2-de-mota-ibiza
  • tribu-senja-lounger-de-mota-ibiza
  • tribu-senja-de-mota-ibiza-2
  • tribu-senja-de-mota-ibiza-3

SENJA chair & SENJA sunbed by Tribù

TRIBÙ extended their T-TABLE family with big dining tables, more shapes and massive Teak wood tops. Get an idea of their variety:

  • tribu-t-table-de-mota-ibiza-2
  • tribu-t-table-de-mota-ibiza-4
  • tribu-t-table-de-mota-ibiza-3
  • tribu-t-table-de-mota-ibiza-5
  • tribu-t-table-de-mota-ibiza-5
  • tribu-t-table-de-mota-ibiza
  • tribu-t-table-de-mota-ibiza-3
  • tribu-t-table-de-mota-ibiza-7

T-Tables by Tribù

Dedon Novelties 

Also this year, DEDON manages to inspire us and hopefully you too with exciting new designs. The classic MBRACE - based on the original design by Sebastian Herkner - is now also available with different coloured aluminum frames.  The DALA collection gets a more modern face with new, fresh weave colours, the KIDA hanging chair invites you to dream and relax and the TIBBO chair is now available as folding chair. See for yourself...

  • dedon-dala-2-de-mota-ibiza
  • dedon-dala-1-de-mota-ibiza
  • dedon-kida-de-mota-ibiza
  • dedon-tibbo-de-mota-ibiza
  • dedon-mbrace-de-mota-ibiza

Gandia Blasco Novelties 

GANDIA BLASCO presents its new collections of outdoor furniture, available in new colours and finishes. The innovative Solanas collection is a tribute from the architect Daniel Germani to the summers of his childhood on the beach in Solanas, Uruguay. DNA, also designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, is inspired by the light of the Mediterranean, filters its reflection through laminated aluminum structures, and as a novelty, it introduces teak wood in its design.

  • gandia-blasco-saler-teak-de-mota-ibiza-1
  • gandia-blasco-saler-teak-de-mota-ibiza-2
  • gandia-blasco-pergola-de-mota-ibiza-1
  • gandia-blasco-pergola-de-mota-ibiza-2
  • gandia-blasco-pergola-de-mota-ibiza-3
  • gandia-blasco-solanas-de-mota-ibiza-1
  • gandia-blasco-solanas-de-mota-ibiza-2
  • gandia-blasco-solanas-de-mota-ibiza-3
  • gandia-blasco-solanas-de-mota-ibiza-4
  • gandia-blasco-solanas-de-mota-ibiza-5
  • gandia-blasco-teak-de-mota-ibiza-saler-1
  • gandia-blasco-teak-de-mota-ibiza-saler-2

Piet Boon Novelties 

PIET BOON expands his nice wooden outdoor furniture designs with DISC, an outdoor patio heater which increases the comfort of outdoor living and extends the outdoor season. The desire to spend more time outdoors throughout all seasons, requires products that can offer this comfort. Together with a Belgian specialised manufacturer, DISC was born. The technical core of its design is the lamp with an integrated heating system, a timeless lighting with heating for your garden or terrace:

  • piet-boon-heater-disc-demota-de-mota-ibiza-3
  • piet-boon-heater-disc-de-mota-ibiza-demota-
  • piet-boon-disc-heater-de-mota-ibiza-1

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