On Ibiza and Formentera islands, there're very special climate conditions. 

Outdoor furniture can suffer from salty sea air, night-humility, hot weather-periods, chloro.


Facts on Ibiza:    · iron and untreated or thin aluminium-structures corrode and break in a short time. 

                           · a lot of common woods twist with these outdoor conditions.

                           · some plastics get grey or yellow and lose colour.

                           · just a selected range of outdoor-suitable fabrics have fastness to light.

In order to design and create long-lasting outdoor spaces, we work just with selected furniture brands and suggest to our clients to choose materials we had good experiences during our many years of work.

We do different design-proposals for your outdoor space until reaching the perfect suiting configuration.

Be now inspired by some selected outdoor furniture, lighting, accessories, umbrellas and more custom-made shadings on the following links or get more detailed and varied information at our showroom: